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1In Today’s Growing Economy new business ideas are flourishing at a rapid speed. So for your business to flourish you need to concentrate more on the core activities of the business rather than investing your time in Non core activities of your office space like facility, housekeeping, etc. In this regard Managed or Serviced Offices for rent is one of the best option to choose where you concentrate on your work and Rest all activities are taken care by your office space provider.

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2A Business by itself requires a good amount of investment so if you don’t want to invest more into the interior fitouts of your office space for rent then going for our Fully furnished office space for rent is the perfect option for you where you can choose your office location and property and the builder furnishes the office space for rent for you.

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A Business by itself requires a good amount of investment so if you don’t want to invest more into the interior fitouts of your office space for rent but then also want some part of the interior furniture to be of your choice then going for our Semi furnished office space for rent is the perfect option for you where you can choose your office location and property and the builder does a certain amount of furnishing like Air conditioning, False ceilings etc of the office space for rent keeping an option for you to furnish the rest of the interiors.

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4Some business requires its office space completely customized as per the business owner’s wish. If you want to keep your rental cost low and invest on the interior furnishing to give you office the exact look which you want then Temptationrealtyinc helps you in finding lot of warm shell and bare shell properties located in your preferred location. Tell us your preferred location and we find properties for you.

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5In India Bangalore has become a hub of many startups and SMEs. In a startup or SME environment completely Serviced Business centers Provides the exact environment and infrastructure needed for the company to grow from its nascent or adolescent stage. So If you are a lone warrior or a team of Spartans we have the best Business centers in Bangalore in heart of the city.

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6Being designated an SEZ provides tremendous tax benefits to the companies located in them, as well as input cost benefits for extended periods of time. The tax breaks available under the SEZ scheme include Service Tax waiver, VAT waiver and Income Tax Exemption to name a few. So If your SME or MNC is looking for such benefits inside a SEZ or STPI Is the best platform for you.

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7Tech Parks are built to international standards, using post-tension construction technology. A range of features and facilities for software development companies, BPOs, Biotech enterprises and corporate offices. So if You want an office Space inside a Tech Park then we are here for you. If you are in a Startup mode or in a SME stage and looking for a small office space but want to feel the Tech Park environment then we have the perfect solution for you.

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Retail Space

If you are into retail then you need to find the perfect location for your commercial retail space because that is going to be important factor in your business. Though Office Space is our Main Vertical we also provide Retail Space in all over Bangalore.

Showroom Space

If you are looking for a Showroom Space so as the name suggests it always is dependent on the show and for that you need the perfect location and the perfect Space for your showroom. We Provide you with the finest Showroom Spaces which will suit your brand perfectly.

Mall Space

Bangalore is a hot point for Malls and so if you are planning to open a mall in Bangalore and looking for the perfect space for that then we are here to solve all your problems and find the best mall Space for you.

Restaurant Space

For running a restaurant Business you need to be in the proper location. We provide the finest Restaurant Spaces with all the license needed in the prime locations of Bangalore.

Shop Space

If you are looking for a small or a medium sized Shop and finding it difficult to find the perfect space that suits your requirement and budget we are here to solve your problem and provide you the best Space. You search for us and we search for your Space.


With the Huge growth in Retail, FMCG as well as in the Ecommerce sector, the requirements of warehouse and godowns have gone up significantly in Bangalore and outskirts. So, it is also very necessary to find the correct place for your warehouse with proper connectivity and resources. Also all this should come in the best price possible in the inflating market of Bangalore.

So, here comes our services which help you find your exact property in least amount of time and resources and with utmost professional approach.


For companies who want their Space completely as per their taste, choice and requirement but at the same time want to save their capex by renting or leasing out places rather than buying it then best option is the built to suit to lease option where the owner builds the property completely as per the client requirement and lease it. So the investment is from owner but designs are of the client.

At Temptation Realty which our huge database and excellent portfolio we find the best built to suit to lease option for you. Whatever may be your search and whenever it starts we are sure it will end with us.


Bangalore real estate is showing huge growth because of the technological and industrial development of the city. So If you want a Plot or land to setup your office, warehouse, factory etc or if you are an investor who wants to enjoy the benefit of huge appreciation which  Bangalore real estate provides then we are the one whom you should look for.

From huge database, excellent portfolio, and tons of experience we at Temptation Realty help you end your search for the best land that meet your requirements and provide you the best services you could ever expect.


Property Management is a huge hassle now a days. For owners with multiple Properties, owner residing outside Bangalore, Property Management has become a big headache. So , Professionals like us create a complete hassle free environment for you where you get only your rental returns every month not the problems associated with it.

At Temptation Realty, we can unlock the true potential in any kind of real estate investment. Our ability to manage large portfolios is strengthened by our infrastructure, which provides constant monitoring, control across the entire portfolio and real-time reporting of key indicators.

If you are an investor, we aim to minimize vacancies and identify new opportunities that will create value from your portfolio, all the while balancing relationship between landlord and tenant.